‘Point of Departure’  fundraising campaign

a project space provides participating artists a curated venue for installations, exhibitions and work in progress, and a studio for the experimentation and development of work in a site-specific space. It offers the community a unique chance to experience and view the evolution of artists’ ideas and the growth of the work at various points in the process.

a project space is the only venue of its kind in Seattle. It allows both artists and the audience the possibility for an intimate, immediate, and engaging interaction with the artist’s work in the environment where it was created.

‘Point of Departure’ is our fundraising campaign to secure start-up support for
 a project space. The immediate goal is to establish basic facilities expenses of which almost 40% has already been donated. We are pleased a project space has partnered with Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, as our fiscal sponsor. This means your donation to a project space and Shunpike will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. You can double the impact of your gift if your company matches contributions.

We are developing more revenue streams to reach the larger goal of creating a sustainable source of income. In addition to individual donations we are in the process of establishing opportunities for you to become a subscribing member, and sponsor an artist participating in this year’s programming. We are also pursuing corporate sponsorships, and grants.

In August we present ’24 x 24: 24 portraits in 24 hours’ a painting performance by Liz Roth. Donate $100 to a project space to reserve the time you would like to sit for your portrait. Go to the Upcoming page for all the details.

Your tax-deductible donation will directly impact a project space goals:

• To give artists time and a place to broaden their work.
• To offer micro-grants in the form of opportunity for participating artists leading to new directions in their professional development producing a far-reaching ripple effect in the broader community.
• To present the audience a chance to experience the artists’ discoveries and process in the space where that work was created.

With your support a project space can continue to contribute to a thriving arts community.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Thank you. Sally

Sally Schuh
Director and Curator
a project space

a project space is an Associated Program of Shunpike. Shunpike is a 501(c)(3) non-profit art service organization whose mission is to strengthen the Seattle arts community by partnering with small and mid-size arts groups to develop the business tools they need to succeed. Working in close partnership with these groups, Shunpike helps solve problems quickly and impart vital skills in finance, organizational management and arts administration.

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